We have had many international students participate in our Study Abroad program, however, we will always have wonderful memories of Cameron. Not only did he participate in so many things and but he was such a talented student, both inside and outside school. He certainly made his mark on the high school he attended, and although it was years ago, they still talk about him. Here’s his story.

Cameron attends USCI was fortunate enough to have been involved in an exchange program put together by Hunter Programs between Guiyang No. 1 High School and St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, a prestigious private high school in Southern California. It was truly a great honor to have been selected to attend this high school and I will always remember the great teachers there. I made lifelong friends and the lifelong friends I made during my short time there. Even though we are now all attending different universities, we always keep in touch and get together. Although I only attended this high school for my junior year (I had to return to China for my senior year), my English improved quickly, so I applied to and was ultimately accepted by some top American universities: UCLA, UCSD, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, University of Washington, Rensselaer Polytech, and USC.

The education experts at Hunter Programs not only got me into a top tier American high school, but they were also instrumental in helping me through my junior year and ultimately being accepted into some great colleges. The guidance they provided was amazing and it is clear that not only are they experts on American education, but they thoroughly understand the Chinese education system and the difficulties I would have in adapting to the American education system. Everyone I met at Hunter Programs was extremely caring and compassionate.

But they really cared about all of me, not just about my education. Although Mr. Hunter, the CEO of Hunter Programs, is very busy running his company, he was always checking in on me and providing me with solid advice. They provided me with everything they had said they would, and all of their predictions about my future came true. I am happy to be able to say that I am now in my second year at USC, carrying a 4.0 GPA and am winner of Langston Engineering Merit Scholarship.

Even though I am on my own now in college, Hunter Programs keeps in touch and has helped with some pretty major projects such as the environment conference I helped organize in China last June. Please follow the link for more on this conference: International Energy Alliance

Without hesitation, I recommend Hunter Programs to anyone wishing to study abroad.



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