Get a perfect ACT reading score and become a more interesting person at the same time!

Post Pic Get a Perfect ACT Reading ScoreI used a simple preparation solution to earn a perfect ACT reading score. Not only can this prep secret raise your ACT score, but it can also transform you into a more interesting person who actually knows which path to take in college and career.

I know what you are thinking; “Don’t leave me hanging, pray tell, give me the secret, man!” Ok, here is the unadulterated secret:  Partake in the reading of nonfiction books and magazines that are not required school reading, and embrace a long forgotten art form.

With all that you have to fit into your insanely busy schedule you might be thinking, “Why read extra books and magazines when I’ve got texting and gaming of supreme importance to attend to?” Well, imagine yourself sitting within the sanctuary of your local bookstore, a cappuccino with one shake of cinnamon in one hand, and an intensely engrossing book in the other. As the smells of new books and coffee waft past your nose, you could find yourself growing fond of this calming habit that also broadens your reading comprehension skills. What’s more, it’s devoid of the downsides of carpal tunnel syndrome and post combat disorder from texting and gaming, respectively.

With so many students flocking to test prep classes, it seems forgotten that reading tests actually do measure your reading ability, albeit in an arguably imperfect way. University leaders cringe upon hearing of students pouring inordinate amounts of time into prepping for admissions tests, and would rather that students perhaps put this time into learning a new language or becoming more involved in their communities.

If you already read outside materials such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Skateboard Magazine, then by all means keep reading them. But if you want to benefit in the ways I am suggesting then you will need to expand your reading into the world of nonfiction. I suggest selecting from the New York Times best seller list of nonfiction books, and a variety of magazines covering everything from business, to current events, to science, to creative writing.

Try my advice and let me know how it goes.

Due to my ADHD and dyslexia, throughout my entire life it has been necessary for me to use creative learning techniques in order to be successful, making me stronger instead of weaker. Presently a high school senior, I regularly write posts for Upon matriculating into college next year, I will study environmental engineering and mathematics.


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