All of us at Hunter Programs are firmly committed to taking exceptional care of our international students who are studying in the United States. These students are so far from home and we are truly honored that their parents put their trust in us. We do everything possible to keep our students safe and comfortable, and to help them achieve their goals. Here is the story of one of our students.

Hello, my name is Vincent, I am 19 years old, and I am from mainland China. I am so glad I found Hunter Programs to help me with my study abroad needs and goals. When I first contacted them, I did not speak any English and to be honest, I was not the best student. I had completed high school and had not been accepted into a good college in China. My father’s friend told me that Hunter Programs could help me do better by studying in the United States. Here I am two years later, still using services from Hunter Programs, and doing far better than I had ever imagined.

Hunter Programs initially arranged for me to make American friends even before I left China, to study in a good English language school that had almost no Chinese students, and to live in beautiful Southern California. What I did not realize until I was in the U. S. and attending college is that Hunter Programs is so highly respected in the education field. Now with their help, I am attending a very competitive community college and with the help of my Hunter Programs host family and Hunter Programs tutors I have learned how to be a great student and I now have a high GPA. I know I have guaranteed acceptance into several University of California schools as long as I keep my GPA above a certain level.

Hunter Programs was with me right from the start through their China office helping me find my right path. They started by interviewing me and my parents so that they could find out my needs and put together the best plan for me. They were extremely easy to work with and we felt was could trust them. In the United States, they help with absolutely everything I might need including helping select my college classes, getting a great deal on buying a car (they saved me over $7,000 in negotiating my car), getting plugged in with American students, and even arranging for an internship.

When I need something or I am up against a problem, one phone call to Hunter Programs is all I need to make and then my problem is solved. Because of the help from Hunter Programs, I am so far ahead of my Chinese friends who are in China and my Chinese friends in the U.S. too. The main business of Hunter Programs is education. I guess that’s why so many schools here trust Hunter Programs and like to work with them. There have been times when I have needed help at school –all I have to do is mention I am with Hunter Programs, and I get the help I need right then and there even if the problem is my own fault.

I am happy, and my parents are especially happy. I strongly recommend Hunter Programs to students who want to do well while studying in the United States. Good luck to you.


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