With HPES extremely personalized tutoring, test prep, and guidance, students succeed far beyond expectations, which is why students love us and parents trust us.

HPES Student Growth Stack

HUNTER Programs Education Services offers a full stack of education products to help any student become an even better student: effective when used individually, and even better when used together.


Test Prep


Dramatically increase your test scores and get into better colleges.

Learn more, learn better, and learn faster, and get the grades you want.

Design your future and obtain success representative of your efforts.


Get the amount of help you need for the results you want and a price that makes sense.

HPES contributed to my success as valedictorian of my high school and an engineering student at Stanford.


As an International Baccalaureate student, the last two years of high school introduced me to mathematic concepts that were far beyond the scope of most tutoring programs, including differential calculus, linear algebra, and group theory. Mr. Hunter was instrumental in guiding me through these topics and additionally helped me find research materials to compose a extended essay on wavelets, a subject he himself had recently researched. As I learned these topics without formal instruction, the help of HPES enabled me to grasp these complex and valuable concepts that have proven integral to my university studies. Working with Mr. Hunter directly, HPES tutors are uniquely equipped to handle higher level concepts in mathematics. Mr. Hunter and HPES contributed to my success as valedictorian of my high school class and an engineering student at Stanford University. Thank you Hunter Programs Education Services!

With Our Tutoring, Gain Knowledge & Develop a Growth Mindset That Lasts a Lifetime.

HPES tutoring creates new mindsets within students, enabling them to gain more knowledge, achieve higher grades, and save time – all with less stress.

Move to an altogether higher level, regardless of the level you are on now by learning how to learn better with the skills gained from our tutors.

We help set short-term and long-term goals, and you use the only the help you need from our tutors to get you through classes you need to reach your goals.


You can always benefit from HPES tutoring done right.



Put in only the work necessary to get the score that reflects who you really are.

My ACT score went from 19 to 33 without breaking a sweat. The experts at Hunter Programs are brilliant!


I could tell HPES test prep was going to be different right from the start. In my first meeting, the HPES test prep specialist figured out what I needed and what it would take to get a score that truly reflected my abilities. The specialist was so knowledgeable and experienced, I never had any doubts about whether or not I would get the score I needed. With HPES, it wasn’t about quantity of work. Instead, the test prep specialist pinpointed my weaknesses, not just in academic areas, but also in how I think. Before I met with HPES, my ACT score was 19. After working with HPES, I got a 33. Since my ACT score is now so much higher, I am able to apply to colleges on an entirely different level. The people at Hunter Programs Education Services are absolutely brilliant!

Increase Your Test Score to a Level That Will Get You to Where You Want to Go.

Our skillful HPES one-on-one test prep specialists quickly identify specific areas you need to improve, many of which would not show up on any kind of diagnostic test.

With our efficient methods, students can improve their standardized test scores without interfering with their already hectic and busy schedules.

Learn test prep skills and standardized exam strategies from HPES, and then leverage those skills when approaching other kinds of exams.


Take your standardized exam like a pro, and let the impact of your resulting elevated test score jet you forward.



Maximize on results while minimizing stress, errors, and lost opportunities.

They helped me build and envision an exciting future, and ­then helped with everything I needed to get there!


I’ve used HPES tutoring and guidance for many years, and have found the staff and tutors to be exceptional and even visionary. Each HPES representative has an area of strong expertise in addition to knowledge in many other areas. They are all active in the community and so they have incredible networks of contacts for students to reach out to for extracurricular opportunities, internships, community service, etc. Putting all of this together means they can help you create an exciting future for yourself in virtually any area you care to name. Prior to getting help and mentoring from HPES, I didn’t know how much control I could have over my own future, and even if I had known, I wouldn’t have known how to get there. I just graduated from UC Davis with a degree in economics, and now I am heading off to grad school. Hunter Programs Education Service delivers 100% of what they say they deliver!

Get the Most Out of Your Grades, Test Scores and Talents.

Our guidance and mentoring experts make it easy to understand and learn about all that is available to you.

The advising, planning, and development we provide enables you to move forward confidently, knowing that the future you built through HPES is a great one.

Not only envision and build your own future, but also learn how to build it so that you can evolve as the world around you changes.


Join our ever-growing network of happy and successful adventurers of life.


Learn and Grow With Experienced Education Experts Who Consistently Earn Five-Star Ratings

You don’t have to go it alone. Let our amazing team help you to learn and grow as it has with so many others for over three decades. Benefit from our domestic and international breadth of education experience with thousands of students.

Our background and Experience Gives Our Students a Tremendous Advantage.


Start Growing With
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With our talented and friendly team ready to make any or all parts of your education better, taking control of your future has never been easier.

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