THE HPES STUDENT GROWTH STACKThe stack is for those wanting to exercise maximum control over their futures and to discover their true selves.

Stack Certified Guidance

Stack Certified Test Prep

Stack Certified Tutoring

Design your future and obtain success representative of your efforts.

Dramatically increase your test scores and get into better colleges.

Learn more, learn better, and learn faster, and get the grades you want.

The Stack is a supercharged combination of tutoring, test prep, and guidance coupled with a powerful real-time management tool.

How it All Works Together

For those using our entire HPES Student Growth Stack, HPES stack certified team members, students and parents use our dynamic project management software to plan, track, schedule and collaborate in real-time. This allows for responsive planning and action by the entire team, helping ensure you get the future you want and that opportunities are not missed.

On top of that, HPES mentoring is a strong component of stack tutoring, test prep, and guidance. Information and guidance from mentoring from one area are not independent from information and guidance in each of the two other areas.

The HPES Student Growth Stack was developed and refined over a period of three decades and through thousands of successes. We truly believe in The Stack and the maximum results it enables students to achieve.


The Stack gives you that
absolutely perfect pathway.

Build an exciting future you really want and then get that future, rather than following a generic pathway and then waiting for your future to happen.