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HPES Tutoring Gives You an AdvantageMany years of success in a wide variety of education areas enables us to provide services that truly benefit students like no other.

Gain an advantage from our unique ability to evaluate and then enable students that comes from over twenty-five years of extensive experience in tutoring, test prep, classroom teaching, education consulting, curriculum development, and other areas of education, both domestic and international.

HPES tutoring gets results today, and provides benefits for years to come. While skilled and experienced HPES tutors help you with whatever it is you need today, their knowledge and experience gives them insight into how you will use and build upon it later, so that they provide a more complete level of understanding.

Achieve in ways that simply are not possible through regular resources. While our tutoring can be used to help students catch up or to troubleshoot in getting ready for tests, over half of our students are advanced and have regular tutoring meetings so that they can grow in ways not possible through regular school offerings.

Avoid developing a tutoring dependency. For students seeking help with homework, we avoid creating a tutoring dependency by transitioning students from simply getting homework help to developing their independent thinking, enriching their understanding, and moving them ahead.

Not only did HPES tutoring change me from a good student to a great student, but HPES also got me super excited about what my new future can be. The help from HPES has positively changed my life in ways I could not have imagined!


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Here are some ways our HPES Student Growth Stack tutors compare with our regular a la carte tutors.

Our HPES Student Growth Stack tutors and our regular a la carte tutors are equally qualified in all tutoring aspects.

HPES Student Growth Stack tutors are also extremely capable mentors, able to provide quality advice when needed.

Advice provided by HPES Student Growth Stack tutors is always checked against Test Prep and Guidance goals.

HPES Student Growth Stack tutors are certified to use our Student Growth Stack Project Management Software.

HPES Student Growth Stack tutors regularly coordinate with Test Prep and Guidance for updates.


HPES tutoring results in great student growth when used alone, and leads to even greater success when combined with HPES test prep and guidance.


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