Full money back guarantee by Hunter Programs Education Services

Announcing our new full money back guarantee

guarantee-very-largeHunter Programs Education Services is extremely pleased to announce this new full money back guarantee. We wanted an extremely simple guarantee with no “fine print,” because we believe a simple guarantee is honest and respectful of our clients. Our guarantee is this: If at any time a tutored or test prepped client is unhappy with a one hour tutoring session for any reason, and the client lets us know about it within twenty-four hours of the meeting, we will promptly give a full refund for that session –we promise!

We created this guarantee because of changing times. Years ago we would get most of our clients through referrals from other clients. But there has been a shift in recent years and we now receive a substantial number of our new clients from online sources. We put ourselves in the shoes of potential new clients and asked ourselves what they might be thinking when deciding whether or not to try our services. We then hit on the idea of enabling potential new clients to try us while taking their financial risk out of it, and so we crafted our simple guarantee. At the same time, many of our students still come as referrals, and so we realized that this new guarantee also enables friends and contacts of ours to confidently refer us to others without passing along any risk. For ongoing clients, it lets them know that we expect to earn their satisfaction at each and every session.

Internally, Hunter Programs Education Services has cultivated a very supportive family-like work climate for our administrative staff and tutors. There is also team spirit in the way that we all help each other. Everyone is here for the right reason, and that is helping people. So, it came as no surprise that our staff immediately embraced this new guarantee.

All of us at Hunter Programs Education Services believe in the quality of our services and look forward to standing behind this new guarantee.

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