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Haven has been incredibly successful in the U.S. in every way possible. She adapted to the American education system, outperformed American peers, embraced American culture, and made close friendships with Americans. She was incredibly well liked at her American high school and was accepted into many top American universities, including UCLA, UC Berkeley and Davidson. She chose to study philosophy at Davidson because this highly ranked university is smaller and so how well she does there will be based on much more than just test scores. Even though this college is on the east coast, Haven regularly travels to the west coast to be with friends she made while attending high school on the west coast. This is her story.

Haven at Davidson CollegeIn the winter of 2010, I was specially chosen by Hunter Programs to be an exchange student between Guiyang NO.1 High School and St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in California. When I first arrived in the United States I had nothing except for goals and confidence. I thought I could get into a good college just with excellent grades. However, that is not the reality. First of all, I did not understand the American education system. There are regular classes and there are AP classes in American high school. Although AP classes require a lot more time and energy, they can also boost your GPA. Students can choose their own schedules according to their abilities and interest. When I first arrived in the U.S.,  I would have had no way to choose an appropriate schedule for myself without the assistance of Hunter Programs. Also, they offer the most brilliant and caring tutors for when students need help. In fact, I know for at least half of my classes, I needed a private tutor here and there.

In addition to doing well academically, I  learned that in the U.S., colleges not only care about your grades, but they also look at the quality of your extracurricular activities. Being a foreigner in the United States, it can be a challenge to find something impressive to do and then to actually start doing it.

Luckily, Hunter Programs has a great network for many wonderful resources in virtually any kind of activity. They inspire and instruct us. Now I am the leader of the international department in ASB as well as a Key Member of the International Energy Alliance (which includes 14 different schools) and I am also interning for a California State Assemblywoman (she is a state lawmaker) this summer. Mr. Hunter and his co-workers are my teachers, friends, family who I am indeed trusting and relying on. They not only lead me on the way to academic success, but also help me out through daily life. My living situation, drivers license, car, insurance, cellphone, and academic program, could not have been done, or would not have been done well, without Hunter Programs. From what I am hearing, there are so many wonderful and competitive American high schools, that they are not going to accept any students from Chinese agents due to the low quality of students coming to the United States. Many agents really don’t care about how their students are doing once they get into a school and they receive their commission. Hunter Programs, on the other hand, cares very much about their students and they are here to help us to success in ways that no one else can. American local educators trust them for their professional and responsible achievement and will accept students through Hunter Programs. I really do appreciate and feel lucky that I meet and worked with Hunter Programs. And trust me, you will too.

I 2010 年的冬天,刚在贵阳一中理科实验班结束第一个学期的我,十分幸运地被选为一中和美国圣玛格丽特高中的交换生。也是从那时开始,我认识了亨特教育机构。刚来的我,除了满满的梦想和信心之外,什么都没有。我一直以为,只要成绩够好,就一定可以申请到理想的大学。但事实并非如此。首先,我不了解美国教育制度。美国的高中课程分有高中程度和大学程度。大学程度的课程对申请有帮助,但是它确实要求大量的时间和精力。每年学生都会根据自己的程度和兴趣选课,但是初来乍到的我,若没有亨特机构的帮助,是一定没有办法选到合适的课程的。不仅是选课,亨特先生和他的同事还会频繁地查看我们在校成绩,一旦我们需要帮助,他们专业的家教老师就会来到家中为我们辅导。事实上,至少一半以上的美国学生都有自己的家教。除此之外,大学申请还要求丰富的有质量的课外活动。融入异国的圈子并让他们认可我们的工作已非常不易,知道要做什么,怎么做这些课外活动才是最大的难题。庆幸的是,亨特机构会成为学校与我们之间的桥梁。他们有足够的经验想我们提供大量的机会,并教会我们如何在这些活动中展示自己。现在的我,不仅仅是学校学生会部长,国际绿色节能俱乐部的创始人之一(共由八所不同学校组成),这个夏天,我还一位加州女议员的实习生。亨特先生和他的合作伙伴们是我的导师,我的朋友,我的家人和我在异国他乡最信赖的人。他们不仅仅是我学习道路上不可缺失的指引,更在日常生活中关心我,照顾我。我的寄宿家庭,车子,驾驶执照,银行卡,手机,还有保险,没有一件这些我本以为轻而易举却很难不是在亨特机构的帮助下完成的。而且就我所知,由于很多中国中介的不负责任,很多美国高中已经不再接受中国中介只为学生办理入学然后不闻不问的做法。但这些学校依然非常信任亨特机构。在中国的时候,我一直以为自己什么都做得到,但真正来到这里我才发现原来我需要那么多来自外界的帮助。而这时,亨特机构这样的专业团队成了最好的选择。我是真的很感激能够遇到亨特机构。而且我相信,你也会的。

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