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Hunter-Programs-students-on-college-tour-1-bannerCompetition for college acceptance is an ongoing feat amongst high school seniors. A student must prove that they are a good fit for the college, as well as demonstrate their sincere interest to attend a specific school, rather than simply just being, “accepted.” The perfect testing scores, accumulative G.P.A, and entrance essay may still cause supreme students to be overlooked if a university cannot personally identify with the individual.  The common questions and concerns regarding the importance of a College Campus Tour can be found in greater details here: Why is visiting college campuses important to applicants. 

In April of 2014, eight students involved with Hunter Programs, over the course of three days, were involved in a multiple college campus visit with College Admissions Expert, Rachel Winston. With our assistance, they were able to consider specific questions and criteria that are important in the selection process. Spending time touring each campus students were able to grasp an idea of where they could potentially spend at least the next four years of their lives.

Nicole Zhong: “Seeing the schools in person and going on the campus tours really helped me appreciate how competitive it is to get into a good university. It also helped me to see a variety of campuses and get a sense of where I wanted to live over the next four years, and which schools were the best fit.”

Rainie Cao: “For me, travelling to the different campuses made the college application experience seem much more real, and it got me excited about attending college next year. I came back from the trip more motivated to succeed and to get into my dream school.”

Mara Zhou: “The college campus tour was a great experience that opened my eyes to just how different each campus actually is. I ended up falling in love with a Liberal Arts college back East that I might not have applied to if I had not seen it in person. It was also really helpful to have an experienced college counselor on hand during the trip to guide us and to answer questions.”

At Hunter Programs, we want you to succeed, and at the same time we want you to be satisfied with your choices and career path. Together, with the assistance of numerous College Career Counselors, we have the opportunity to provide useful knowledge and information necessary to make educated decisions about your future.

Hunter Programs college campus tour

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