Welcome to launching of new Hunter Programs website

You have arrived at our newly launched Hunter Programs website. In the months to come, you will find a more extensive description of our services, valuable reference materials and links, information shared by users through posts, and updates on current educational events.

We are also very excited to announce that our new online scheduling system for tutoring is now available. Parents and students can schedule and change tutoring sessions in real-time, pay online, and manage their prepaid tutoring packages. Parents, students and tutors can set up their accounts to receive updated scheduling information instantly whenever additions, deletions, or changes are made to the schedule. You can access your schedule online at this website, or by using a convenient app that is available for your smartphone. Select Contact Us from the main menu to arrange for your online access.

We encourage you to check back frequently for new information. If there is some educational information you’d like to see at this website, or you have any suggestions for our website, please send us a note — admin@hunterprograms.com


Raymond Hunter

CEO Hunter Programs


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